We deliver a complete range of services and support for domestic and international M&A projects, including:

  •  Advice on acquisition structures
  •  Pre-sale reorganisation of the business and its assets for the purpose of effective realization of transaction
  •  Due diligence of the target businesses and consultation on project risk management
  •  Drafting and negotiation of purchase agreements and ancillary documents for shares and assets

We provide complete solutions to complex M&A transactions, with detailed attention to all of the many, and sometimes unforeseen, issues and problems that can arise. To do this we deploy our full range of expertise in legal specialties such as corporate, financing, taxation, competition and regulatory, employment, intellectual property and real estate.

Many of our M&A projects have international element. We are experienced in working with foreign law firms of relevant jurisdictions to form a team provide precisely the right world-class expertise that each project needs.