We have strong expertise in area of competition. Our lawyers have been acted successfully for clients in many competition cases relating to their M&A, joint ventures, and corporate restructuring transactions, including those related to investment into strategic industries; as well as in cases relating to anti-competitive behaviours of businesses in Vietnam.

Our services include:

  •  Approval of transactions as part of control procedures over economic concentration and concerted action (cartels) and analysis as to whether such approval is required;
  •  Protecting client interests during audits by competition authorities and challenging of their orders in court;
  •  Engaging an competition authority in the client's defence;
  •  Business restructuring and development of market strategy to fit antitrust regulations.
  •  Advising on cases involving taking control over companies of strategic importance by foreign investors;
  •  Advising on cases involving anti-competitive practices; and
  •  Initiation of, and advising on, company's inclusion into the register of dominant companies and contestation of such measures taken by the competition authorities.