Our lawyers possess extensive litigation experience and deep understanding of the law and legal doctrine of Vietnam, which always help to find effective professional resolutions. In its activities, our litigation team always refers to works of established legal academia which enables to establish profound legal position relating to the case and consequently provide clients at advices at the highest level.

Innovative approach to dispute resolution combined with solid academic background allowed our team achieves success in cases that discouraged other litigators. We remain committed to these principles while keeping up with the highest international standards of legal services.

  •  Advising on dispute resolution
  •  Representation of clients in state courts of different jurisdictions and instances
  •  Representing interests of creditors and debtors within bankruptcy proceedings
  •  Representation of clients in commercial arbitration on the territory of Vietnam, including international arbitration
  •  Participation in making expert opinions for international commercial arbitration outside Vietnam and foreign litigation proceedings
  •  Participation in negotiations on dispute resolution and in conciliation procedures
  •  Debt collection
  •  Estimation of perspectives of debts collection and search for assets
  • Development of an effective strategy of debt collection or execution of judgments
  • Execution of international arbitration awards and foreign court judgments in Vietnam
  •  Execution of Vietnamese court judgments and arbitration tribunal awards abroad
  •  Assistance in precautions